EGO Power+ 20-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower Review


top cordless lawn mowers In our office, we’ve nicknamed this the quiet mower. Even though most cordless lawn mowers are usually very quiet anyways, this one is especially quiet. Most models such as the Snapper produce a low hum, at the very least. The noise level is not the only strength of this lawn mower; it is actually pretty successful in many other ways as well. The performance is there and so is the handling. It is also a foldable cordless lawn mower which makes things even more interesting. The price is not too high, but it is also not the cheapest mower you can get in 2018.



The strength is there, but as we all know strength isn’t everything when it comes to performance. The battery life of the EGO Power+ is adequate at best and unfortunately, we’ve noticed that at times, grass can get clumped together. Sometimes the clumped grass does not cause any issues but at other times, it can stop you in your tracks. If your mowing projects aren’t too crazy and it is just basic maintenance we’re talking about, this mower should hold up just fine. However, if you’re planning on mowing huge grass, consider another option. The Greenworks would be better suited for such a situation.


Maneuverability & Mobility

The EGO handles well. It doesn’t have the best set of wheels we could think of but for the most part, they get the job done. Turns are sharp and easy while steering is a breeze. Don’t get too comfortable though, the battery life doesn’t hold up all that long. This means that you’ll have to mow faster than you might have needed to with a traditional lawn mower or an electric mower with a longer-lasting battery. Thankfully, we’ve found that the mower handles well even at a faster pace.



Our model held up well and we have not heard of many others having issues with it. To be fair, the mower has not taken off yet in terms of popularity in the way that the Black Decker has, but so far so good. It seems like the product was built to last and the only issues we’ve had were those that pertained to the performance. A good battery life is essential for great lawn mowers because most people are unable to finish the work in such a short period of time.


To Conclude

Should you buy the EGO Power lawn mower? It really depends. The mower is worth buying for those with smaller lawns and less difficult grass. If you intend to mow a large area of tall grass with this cordless mower, you should really reconsider. There are far better options to go with if those are your intentions with the mower. Overall, it’s a nice little mower and has many positive characteristics. Check out our mower reviews to see other products like this one.