Best Self Propelled Electric Lawn Mowers Of 2022

self propelled electric mowersIn the world of lawn care and mowing in general, self-propelled electric lawn mowers are becoming increasingly popular. As you might imagine, this is happening for a few different reasons including convenience, cost effectiveness, durability, and much more. They really are revolutionizing how we mow our lawns at a staggering rate. With that being said, the vast majority of people throughout North America and Europe have still stuck to their gas-powered push mowers; some have done so due to ignorance, others don’t see the need, and some people aren’t in a position to be able to buy a brand new mower. Nevertheless, these mowers are here to stay and will only become more and more heavily-used amongst the crowd. They change the game completely.


Best Self Propelled Electric Lawn Mowers



1. Greenworks 21-Inch 40V Brushless Self-Propelled Mower

If you’ve read our piece of the best zero turn mowers of the year, you’ll have seen that we’re generally pretty high on Greenworks. They aren’t as universally well-known as some of the bigger brands like Husqvarna and Black & Decker, but they’re certainly on the come-up as one of the best manufacturers of lawn mowers. This particular electric Greenworks mower was one that blew us away from start to finish. From battery life, to durability, to effectiveness – it truly is an outstanding mower in every sense of the word. We faced some battery problems on some of the electric mowers we’ve reviewed in the past so we were definitely pleasantly surprised to see this model hold up so well over time.


  • Durable 21″ steel deck allows you to handle large areas of grass quickly and easily
  • Brushless motor provides more torque, quiet operation, and longer life – Self-propelled rear wheel drive can be easily adjusted to your stride
  • USB port in battery charges all portable electronic devices, including phones and tablets
  • 3-In-1 design allows you to mulch, rear bag, or side discharge your grass clippings
  • Dual battery port design enables one battery to be stored while the other fuels the mower for uninterrupted cutting; saving you a trip to the garage
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2. Snapper XD 82V MAX Electric Cordless 21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawnmower

Snapper is another extremely reputable company when it comes to the world of lawn care. This is one of the heavier models we reviewed (which isn’t really a problem since it’s self propelled), and the size made it a little bit harder to store. On the other hand, the battery is larger which makes the lifespan significantly superior to most of the flimsy models out there. It is also very easy to assemble and is one of the best models out there when it comes to longer grass, which many people agree is one of the biggest challenges of newer electric lawn mowers. Overall, it’s easily one of the most premium/high quality products on our list and would easily be #1 if it weren’t for the price and size, which made storage a bit of a challenge.


  • Self propelled transmission with variable speed
  • Up to 45 minutes run time with the Briggs & Stratton 82V Lithium ion 2.0Ah Battery kit comes with (2) 2Ah Lithium ion batteries and rapid charger
  • 21 inches Steel mowing deck with 3 in 1 design mulch, bag or side discharge grass clippings easily
  • Smart, efficient load sensing technology power adjusts to meet the demands of the cutting blades
  • Push button start and a single lever, 7 position height of cut adjustment
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3. Lawn-Boy 17734 21-Inch 6.5 Gross Torque Kohler Electric Start Lawn Mower

At first, we weren’t sure if we were even going to review this lawn mower since we had never heard of this manufacturer before. However, after taking a look at the overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon, we had to take a look for ourselves. As it turns out, Lawn-Boy’s Torque Kohler mower isn’t a bad option for those looking to switch to an self-propelled mower with an electric start. It ran beautifully and was a piece of cake to assemble. Our only complaint was that the battery life was not quite up to par and it had some difficulty cutting through a thicker patch of grass. To be fair though, most mowers would probably struggle in this situation. Overall, it’s a reliable product and certainly one of the better ones out there.


  • Electric start is the easiest way to start your mower; just turn the key and mow
  • 2-Point Height-of-Cut System allows you to quickly adjust cutting heights from one side of the mower
  • 3 year Tru-Start Commitment – starts with 1 or 2 pulls or Lawn-Boy will fix it for free
  • Kohler 149cc/ 6.5 ft.-lbs. Gross Torque/ OHV Engine
  • CARB Compliant for the state of California
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4. GreenWorks MO40L02 G-MAX 40V 21″ Self-Propelled Dual Port Mower

This is a slightly weaker version of the first GreenWorks mower we reviewed. The biggest downfall of the MO40L02 is the battery run-time. At its best, you can expect to squeeze out just over 20 minutes of battery time on normal settings. For a lot of people, this is nowhere near sufficient which makes it hard for us to list it any higher. Other than that, it does well in just about every category. It’s durable, effective, and extremely quiet. No matter how you slice it, this mower does very well as it pertains to performance and quality. We recommend this lawn mower for individuals that have smaller lawns to mow as it really isn’t suited for large pieces of land.


  • Self- Propelled Drive System
  • Durable 21” Steel Deck
  • Added battery storage compartment allows you to carry an extra battery to extend runtime
  • 3-in-1 cutting deck with Side Discharge, Mulching, and Bagging capabilities
  • Single lever height adjustment with 7 settings ranging from 1-3/8” to 3-3/4”
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5. CRAFTSMAN V60 Cordless Lawn Mower, Self Propelled

Finally, we have the Craftsman V60 cordless mower. This mower is impressive in terms of its power and performance, and most definitely belongs in the conversation of best self propelled mowers. It is light, quiet, and clean which already puts it far above the crowd. The battery life on it is truly exceptional which we’ve already mentioned is quite important to us. Because of all these things, we have it on our list of the top 5 best mowers in this category. Again, that V60 is really something special.


  • Powerful 60V performance with variable-speed self drive mechanism – for optimal comfort and Assist
  • 3-In-1 – mulching, bagging and side discharging
  • 21″ Metal deck – for premium durability
  • Single lever height adjust – From 1. 5″ – 4″
  • Vertical Folding position – for compact storage



Settling On The Best Self Propelled Mowers With Electric Capabilities

The reality of the situation is this: there are a ton of products listed on numerous websites and quantity really isn’t a problem for most of us. However, we all have different needs as it pertains to lawn care and it’s no surprise that many of us face this constant ‘paralysis by analysis’ that is oh-so common in the world on online shopping. It doesn’t help that we can’t actually test out any of the products listed so making a decision is not easy. So how we do choose?

In order to pick the best lawn mower for your needs, you have sit down and actually think of what those needs are. One of the most important factors to take into consideration is the size of your lawn/land. If we’re talking about acres and massive pieces of land, electric mowers in general aren’t great. If you decide to go for an electric (cordless) mower regardless, you’ll have to look into the ones which provide optimal battery life so that you aren’t needing to constantly charge up to finish the job.

If you’re someone that has to deal with tall and stubborn grass quite often, you might look into the performance of any given mower to determine whether or not if it can even handle the job you’ll put in front of it. For the most part, the mowers we have on our list can handle even the most dirty work out there. But still, it’s always important to do your research before buying anything, and this is especially true when purchasing things online.


The Verdict: Best Electric Mowers (Self-Propelled) Are Well Reviewed

At the end of the day, the easiest way to determine whether or not a product is for you/worth your time is to look into the reviews of that specific product. If the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, then you can make a pretty safe bet that the product is of high-quality. However, if the product has few or many negative reviews, then it is obviously a wiser choice to stay away. Remember to never settle and lower your standards just because you can’t find your ideal mower right away; these things take time and finding out what works best should be a pretty tedious process for most people. Do the research, read the reviews, and plan what you’ll be using your mower for specifically before making a final decision.

Our list was formulated through trial and error as we had the privilege of actually testing all of these mowers. We took a look at durability, reliability, performance, handling, battery life, design, and even lifespan before finally settling down on the top 5 mowers of the year. For us, the process was relatively simple given that we got to actually test the products in person so you can be sure that our recommendations are top-notch in regards to quality.