Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to review a plethora of zero turn mowers. Most have been quite great, but it’s not always the case. In general though, we try to add reviews of lawn mowers when they’re worth mentioning. This means that you’ll never see a lawn mower review on our site of a product not worth purchasing.


1. Husqvarna MZ61 Zero Turn Mower Review

The MZ61 is the strongest zero turn mower we have ever reviewed in terms of horsepower. 27 may not seem like a high number, but given the dimensions of the lawn mower it is quite great. If you were to throw a Ferrari engine in a lightweight Honda civic, you’d have the fastest car in the world. This product is certainly very respectable and is a fantastic mower to use in commercial areas. Efficiency, strength and power is the name of the game. The only thing you lose is time; but you can save that with a product like this.


2. Poulan Pro Zero Turn Mower Review

Because it is not necessarily a common name, the Poulan Pro is often forgotten. If you ever actually get the chance to use if for yourself, you’ll find that it is a very worthy candidate. Flaws are few and far between when inspecting such a lawn mower, and that’s precisely why we have it rated so high. The only glaring hole in the Poulan is the difficulty it seems to face when going up hills. Other than that, the mower is quite wholesome and complete in every facet.


3. Husqvarna Z246 Zero Turn Lawn Mower Review

As of right now, this is the best mower in this category. Just like with the Poulan, flaws are few and far between. The difference is that flaws are fewer and even further between when discussing this lawn mower. Some might even say that this mower is flawless, and that is quite frankly up for debate. When you’re not sure if the product even has flaws, you know it’s one of the better products to buy.


4. Ariens IKON-X Mower Review

Ariens’ IKON-X zero turn lawn mower is a well-balanced mower. For a mower of its size, you’d be surprised how well it handles. That is really one of the strengths of the IKON, and one of the many reasons it made our list.


5. Troy-Bilt Mustang Zero Turn Mower Review

The only aspect of this zero turn mower that is truly exceptional is the level of comfortability. In terms of power, handling, and durability, it is not anything special. Is it a decent mower? Sure, but that doesn’t mean much. At Elite Mower, we’re constantly searching for the very best. The highest tier of lawn mowers. This model unfortunately does not fit into that category.


6. Ariens Zoom 42 Mower Review

Probably the smallest zero turn mower we have reviewed here. It’s not as powerful in terms of raw horsepower, but you’d be surprised at its level of effectiveness. Quick, agile, and efficient – the Zoom is perfect for small, residential areas, just like a cordless lawn mower. Not many riding mowers handle better than this one does.


7. Husqvarna Kohler Riding Lawn Mower Review

The Kohler is similar to the MZ61, but slightly worse in a couple of categories. It is powerful and great for large, commercials fields. Handling is not its strength, and it is not the most efficient lawn mower either.


8. Toucan City LED Lawn Mower Review

We had a strange experience with the Toucan City mower. On one hand, we were relatively pleased with its elements such as speed, power, and comfort. We had to drop it off a bit on our list because we faced a few issues with the mower. When your durability isn’t the best it can be, we cannot risk advertising the mower as being one of the very best. For this reason, the zero turn mower was lower on our list.


9. Husqvarna Kawasaki Zero Turn Mower Review

A fairly average mower is the Kawasaki by the Husqvarna. This is only in comparison to the rest of the mowers on our list. If you were to see this zero turn mower in your local shop, it would likely be one of the best, or maybe the very best.


10. Ariens Zoom 34 Kohler Lawn Mower Review

Everyone knows that Ariens has always built some great zero turn riding lawn mowers. Just like with the Zoom 42, here we have a lightweight and portable mower. This is a product that is best suited for smaller surface areas. It handles very well but does not have the power to mow large fields.


11. Greenworks Twin Force Cordless Mower Review

Our best cordless lawn mower is the Greenworks Twin Force mower. It has all of the positive attributes you’d associate with a #1 product on our list. Find out why this is the best cordless mower of 2018!


12. Snapper XD Cordless Lawn Mower Review

The Snapper XD cordless mower is essentially a Greenworks Twin Force with slightly more power and slightly less mobility. It is also significantly more expensive forcing us to place it as #2 on the list.


13. Black+Decker CM2040 Cordless Mower Review

The Black+Decker is a difficult product to review because it is a great product, but it is a product that does not hold up all that well over time. Considering that it is generally very strong and mobile, we had to include it on our list.


14. EGO Power+ Cordless Mower Review

The EGO Power+ cordless lawn mower is a fantastic product choice for those looking for a lawn mower for their smaller lawns.


15. Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Lawn Mower Review

The Greenworks Pro is essentially a Greenworks Twin Force but with some durability bugs. If these issues were solved, the product would have a legitimate case of being the undeniable best in its class. Other Greenworks string trimmers can be found here.