Black+Decker CM2040 Cordless Lawn Mower Review

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We talked a little bit about the unconventional look of the Black+Decker CM2040 in our brief review on our list of best cordless mowers. Despite it being a slightly different looking vehicle, it operates exactly how you’d expect. We can’t really complain about the price or the performance of the product since they’re both generally pretty fair. Where things get questionable though is in the department of durability. While we have not had any major issues in particular with it, many others have. We felt it was important to mention this because longevity and durability is a very important thing to consider when shopping for mowers. When you’re talking about zero turn mowers, this becomes even more true.



Most people who have had the opportunity to test this product would probably agree that the biggest strength of the mower is the performance. When you mow using this mower, you feel the true power and stability with every push and pull. No matter the height or thickness of the grass, you’ll usually be able to use this Black+Decker quite effortlessly. The problem we have yet to mention is the battery life – it is not excellent. Because of this fact, this product is best suited for small areas.


Maneuverability & Mobility

This is one of the stranger products I have had to review. On one hand, I feel like the mower handles well but on the other, I can recall instances when it did not do that. After thinking about it for a few days, I realized why I was facing issues with it. The body style of the product is not conducive to efficient mowing. Sure, it can take some turns nicely but the mower is not the most consistent. With that being said, the cordless lawn mower is still more mobile than many. Read our reviews to find out which ones.



Again, this is where our mower faced some issues. Durability is very important to us, and that is why we had to place the Greenworks and Snapper above this mower. Despite our experience being neutral for the most part, many of our trusted sources have given us the same feedback. The mower can and often does face issues which sometimes pertain to the wiring and electrical working. For us, this is indicative of the mower being a high-risk purchase.


To Conclude

If you were to somehow guarantee that your model would not break down over time, this is an absolutely wonderful lawn mower. It is one of the most powerful we’ve had the privilege of reviewing and handles delightfully. We can recommend this cordless lawn mower if paired with a warranty of some sort to ensure your satisfaction over the long run. Black+Decker has a very good reputation with their products and this is for good reason – they produce excellence!