Snapper XD Cordless 21-Inch Mower Review

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Snapper’s XD cordless lawn mower nearly came up as the best cordless lawn mower of 2018. The main reason it came up short is that the pricing wasn’t as excellent as it was with the Greenworks. Excluding that fact, this lawn mower was essentially on par with the Greenworks. It was strong, quick, and handled well. The battery life was also generally pretty good, but we can’t say for sure that it was equal to the Greenworks Twin Force. It was definitely very close though.



Again, the race is very close but one would definitely be able to make the argument that this is the most powerful cordless lawn mower. At least in this respect, they don’t get much better than this. Combine that with up to 45 minutes of battery life on a full charge and you get the second best overall cordless lawn mower of 2018, and only by a slight margin.


Maneuverability & Mobility

This is the area in which the lawn mower takes a bit of a hit. Because it has a slightly bulkier frame, you cannot make such sharp turns as you would with smaller and lighter lawn mowers. When it comes to zero turn mowers for example, the Ariens Zoom 42 takes the cake as the most mobile product. When it comes to cordless mowers, the Snapper is not in the discussion of being the most mobile product.



Because of the slightly bulkier frame, you get a pretty durable product and clearly ahead of something like the Black+Decker. It may even be the most durable cordless mower of the year. A powerful mower with decent maneuverability and a great level of durability is one that deserves to be mentioned amongst the best. Ours has taken a bit of a beating and is as good as it was on the first day we received it. If the mower continues to hold up at this level, it may even surpass the Greenworks mower.


To Conclude

We had this lawn mower listed as the second best for good reason. It has all of the qualities you would want in a high-level mower and just barely missed the opportunity of being the very best cordless lawn mower of 2018. If you want more power than the Greenworks and are fine with a slightly lower level of mobility and maneuverability, this may be the product for you.