Best Zero Turn Mowers Of 2022: Zero Turn Mowers That Get The Job Done (Updated)

zero turn mowerZero turn mowers are tricky. Some of them are absolutely fantastic, while others are impractical or inefficient to say the least. The spectrum of quality varies drastically in regards to zero turn mowers, meaning that the good ones are incredible, but the bad ones are terrible. The evolution of the z-turn mower is quite a fascinating one and the amount of versatility they bring is brilliant. Regardless of whether you need a mower for your own home or for an entire field, these no-turn mowers will get the job done and ensure you’re satisfied with the final product. Discover what makes these the best zero-turn mowers of the year and why you should buy them.


What Makes A Great Mower?

There are many factors to take into account when deciding what constitutes as a great mower. Essentially, it comes down to a few key elements. This includes components such as: level of comfort, durability, power, strength, efficiency, and design. The most important things to pay attention to are undoubtedly performance and comfort. If you find a mower that is powerful, durable, & comfortable, it is one you should strongly consider purchasing. On top of all that, fair pricing is very important as well.

Our Selection Process Of The Best Zero Turn Mowers

Before listing every mower you will see, we go through a rigorous zero turn mower review process. Each product goes through a testing period in which we carefully pay attention to how comfortable the mower is, how efficient it is, and perhaps most importantly – the level of performance. We rate them all on a 10-point system, and determine their average score. The best mowers are listed from highest average rating to lowest average rating.


 At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Mowers To Buy


 BrandHPCutting Width
Poulan Pro22HP46"


Best Zero Turn Mowers To Buy In 2022



1. Husqvarna MZ61 27 HP Mowerzero turn mowingCheck Price On Amazon

The MZ61 by Husqvarna sits atop our list. They really seem to know what they’re doing! Despite it being quite a bit more expensive than the Z246, it seems to not be as well balanced. It does have a 27 HP engine (compared to 23 hp). This does not necessarily make it better than its counterpart, but it is a nice boost. There are many varying opinions about this product, but the general consensus is that it is a very good product. It is plenty powerful and the 3-blade cutting system makes it one of the most efficient mowers ever. One thing I will say is that there are not many mowers more comfortable than this one. Check out the review of this mower.

Key Features:

  • 61-Inch fabricated cutting deck
  • 27 HP Briggs and Stratton Endurance V-Twin engine
  • Hydrostatic Gear Transmission
  • Pedal Assisted Cutting Deck Lift
  • 3 blade cutting system


2. Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro

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The Poulan Pro mower is a product that has become very popular and widely loved across the lawn care community. Not only is it one of the more versatile and comfortable zero turn mowers on the market, but it’s also extremely effective given its power, stability, and range. Many consider it to be their favorite mower despite it having a few (albeit, minor) drawbacks. This zero-degree mower is definitely to be considered amongst the very best z-turn mowers of the year and beyond! Read the mower review to find out why we like it so much.

Key Features:

  • 22 HP Briggs v-twin pro engine
  • 46-Inch stamped reinforced deck 10 year warranty
  • Hydro gear EZT transmission
  • Electric clutch
  • 3.5 Gallon fuel tank


3. Husqvarna Z246 Z-Turn Mower

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At this time, no zero-degree mower even comes close to being in the same stratosphere as this Husqvarna Z246 in its versatility. In all ways, this product is an absolute tank. For those in need of speed, efficiency, power and durability, this is the choice for you. As far as these mowers go, this is the crème de la crème, and there are few things that could have been improved. It rocks a 23hp 747cc Kohler Confidant Engine that makes it go unlike anything you’ve seen before. This product seriously makes something as mundane as lawn care incredibly fun. Read our review of this zero-degree turn mower to find out what makes it special and one of the best zero turn mowers.

Key Features:

  • 23hp 747cc Kohler Confidant Engine
  • 46-Inch, Reinforced Stamped Steel 2-Blade Mower Deck
  • Electric Clutch Deck Engagement


4. Ariens Zoom 42 19 HP Mowerzero turn mowerCheck Price On Amazon

Ariens makes some very underrated riding mowers. At first glance, you might be inclined to believe that the 19 HP engine is too weak compared to some of the other models displayed. However, you would be mistaken to underestimate the versatility of the Ariens Zoom. It may not have the power, but the durability and level of smoothness, along with great handling is all there. At times, you can say that it feels sluggish. Considering you are just mowing the lawn though, it won’t make much of a difference. Read our zero turn mower review to find out exactly why we enjoyed this product.

Key Features:

  • 42″ Cutting Width
  • 19 HP/660 CC Engine Power
  • KOHLER® 6000 Series Engine


5. Troy-Bilt Mustang Fit 34 Riding Lawn Mower

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There was not much said online about this particular model. Before purchasing it, we really had no idea what to expect. As it turns out, this is a well-made lawn mower. We were pleasantly surprised. The seat is highly comfortable and the maneuverability of the vehicle is great. The hydrostatic transmission makes it a fantastic choice for those looking to mow large areas of grass. Troy-Bilt’s Mustang lawn mower is totally respectable in all facets of mowing. Read this review to determine why it is such a popular lawn mower.

Key Features: 

  • Powerful 452cc engine with EZT hydrostatic transmission packs enough power to mow large lots of rough grass
  • Zero-turn maneuverability allows you to turn on a dime and save time
  • Extra-wide 34-inch side discharge cutting deck cuts a wide path
  • Operator-controlled mow-in-reverse capability for ultimate maneuverability
  • Comfortable high-back seat with dual suspension springs and ample leg room for a Smooth ride


6. Ariens IKON-X 42 Zero Turn MowerCheck Price On Amazon

The IKON-X 42 lawn mower made by Ariens is a newer model and one that we were anxious to test right away. There have been many people who have mistaken this mower as being a product by Husqvarna, but such is not the case. This riding lawn mower makes mowing large spaces a breeze. It sports a 22 HP engine which is certainly a respectable figure. On top of that, the Ariens handles surprisingly well and is reliable. Fuel efficiency may be a concern with this model however, though that will depend on your driving tendencies. Overall, it easily belongs as one of the best z-turn mowers of this year. Check out our review of the IKON-X.

Key Features:

  • 22 hp/725 cc Kohler 7000 V-Twin engine
  • 42” fabricated deck that’s 4½” deep and made of 10-gauge steel
  • High-back padded seat with armrests


7. Husqvarna 26 HP Kohler 7000 V-Twin Engine Lawn MowerCheck Price On Amazon

It is very easy to be intimated of the price of this lawn mower. It is nearly twice as expensive of the first Husqvarna zero turn mower on this list. Why is it so much more expensive? It comes down to power and mobility. The product you see here is generally quite a bit stronger and is made for the biggest of fields. This Kohler V-Twin engine can take on the biggest workloads and that in turn makes it more expensive to make. This increase in cost also inevitably causes an increase of the pricing at which this particular mower sells at. Overall, there are not any complaints I have with this lawn mower and I believe it is one of the most practical products. Click here to read our review of this product.

Key Features:

  • Kohler 7000 26hp v-twin engine
  • 54-Inch reinforced stamped cutting deck
  • Electric clutch for easy blade engagement
  • Dual hydro-gear EZT transmission
  • 4 anti-scalp rollers


8. Toucan City LED 22 HP Zero Turn Lawn Mower

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Toucan city has been less relevant in this space now compared to recent years. Regardless, they have been one of the few, better known companies out there that make zero turn mowers which are compliant with California regulations. The LED 22 horsepower lawn mower they have here is a decent one. It can reach speeds of 7 miles per hour and has a ton of customizability. The quality of the vehicle is undeniably excellent, but you may not know it right away. It is newer to the market and this obviously means that there are not as many reviews for this zero turn mower. Nonetheless, we have used this fabulous vehicle extensively and have come to the conclusion that it is worth considering when in the market for a mower. Check out the review of this lawn mower here.

Key Features:

  • EXCLUSIVELY SOLD BY TOUCAN CITY; Items in this bundle may ship in more than one box and arrive separately.
  • Its not how fast you mow, its how well you mow fast, mow well fast with the 42 in. Accel deepdeck with foot lift, delivering improved cut quality and grass processing at higher mowing speeds, designed to provide greater mowing capacity and improved mulching capability
  • Multiple position motion control levers and on the go tracking adjustment allows user to easily adjust from the seat when motion levers are out of alignment for comfort and convenience
  • Hassle free ownership inspected, tested and supported: your local John Deere dealer will complete a thorough 10 point pre-delivery inspection on all new John Deere zero-turn mowers prior to sale
  • Mowing speeds up to 7mph

9. Husqvarna 967271701 23 HP Kawasaki MowerCheck Price On Amazon

It should come as no surprise that this company finds its way onto this list once again – they even make fantastic robot mowers. There has been much chatter about whether or not this brand will ever be overthrown in this space. That isn’t looking very likely at this time. So what makes this Kawasaki lawn mower special or any different from the predecessors? For one, the deck lift system is spring assisted. This relieves many complaints that people have had with these mowers over the years and brings it that much closer to perfection. Is the vehicle perfect? Absolutely not – otherwise it would be higher on the list. For multiple acres of mowing, you can’t go wrong with this product. It is one of the best commercial zero turn mowers right now. Read this review to learn more.

Key Features:

  • Air Induction Mowing Technology allows for air to be drawn from the top and bottom of the deck, improving grass lift and delivering a superior cut
  • Worry free performance with maintenance free, integrated zero-turn transmissions
  • The stamped steel cutting deck is reinforced with heavy flat-stock steel for added strength and durability on the leading edge and trim side
  • The deck lift system is spring assisted for ease of use and conveniently located within easy reach of the operator
  • The robust frame and casters ensure durability and reduced chassis flex


10. Ariens Zoom 34 Kohler Lawn MowerCheck Price On Amazon

Lastly, we have another mower by Ariens. This is also a 19 horsepower zero turn mower like the other on our list, but it is not exactly the same. For starters, this is the smallest mower on our list and the gap is significant. It has a 34″ cutting width which is obviously a respectable number, but it is not impressive by any means. If you have a smaller property and are trying to save some money, then there is nothing wrong with opting for this vehicle. It’s not the best, but it is certainly not the worst either. Check out our review of this product to learn more. 

Key Features:

    • 34″ Cutting Width
    • 19 HP/660 CC Engine Power
    • KOHLER® 6000 Series Engine


Choosing The Best Zero Turn Mower For You

Look, this is a sizeable investment. I can assure you that you do NOT want to get a lawn mower with which you will be unhappy a few months down the line. It is essential that we make the right decision from the very beginning to ensure that you remain satisfied not just in the short term, but in the long term as well. The best way to determine whether or not a product is right for you is by checking off a few boxes. Things like purpose of purchase, importance of key elements (power, speed, etc.) and desirable design and/or durability will guide you to the right choice. If you are need of a zero turn mower for commercial use, then a smaller model such as the Ariens 34 is clearly not for you.

Reading zero turn lawn mower reviews can be really helpful. It is always a wise move to read how others’ experiences with a product/service has been before you decide to take the plunge. Because these vehicles are relatively complex, things do go wrong. A certain kind of mowers are more susceptible to failures and you should try to stay away from them. Such mowers are not present on our list, so you can be safe to select one of the available choices.


Key Elements To Factor In When Buying Zero Turn Mowers

Raw Performance

This is also known as strength, speed, or power. In many cases, these lawn mowers are sufficiently powerful and have a high level of performance, but it is important to be smart as this is not always the case. You can looks at statistics such as horsepower and maximum speed to get a feel of the performance of each vehicle. 20+ HP is very common in these times and anything under should be carefully examined. If it is a smaller property or personal home, using a mower with less power is acceptable and tolerable.


This ties into fuel efficiency as well as how efficiently the machine is able to mow the lawn. Unfortunately, we don’t have electric mowers of this kind as of right now. This means you’ll have to rely on fuel to power your zero turn mower. Perhaps money is not an issue to you and efficiency is not something you concern yourself with, but for greater than 90% of cases it is certainly a factor.


For some, this is something you will not even think of. For others, it could be the most important element. In general, it is perceived as a less important piece of the puzzle. I don’t know how some mowers can look better than others (it’s just a mower, after all) but that is apparently the case. Color schemes, shape, and size are all things people take into account. Sure, if you’re concerned about the design in regards to your comfortability, or how it relates to where it will be stored, that’s fine. In fact, it is very important to select a lawn mower that you can feel good about using.


The magnitude of this category is absolutely massive. Think about it – you’ll usually be sitting in this vehicle for very long periods of time. Who wants to be uncomfortable while mowing the lawn using a zero turn lawn mower? I know I don’t. The level of support for your back, butt, and legs is extremely important and if you don’t know this to be true, you will learn. Seriously, if you want a good experience using a riding mower, choose one that’s comfortable.


The most underestimated factor that people often overlook. You found your dream mower, you order it to come home. Upon its arrival, you’re pleasantly surprised to find out that it rides even better than you imagined! A true match made in heaven. But 4 months down the line, you realize that something is wrong. You take it into the shop and discover that it will cost $1,500 to repair the vehicle – more than half of the initial purchase price.

This is why it is vital that you pay attention to the level of durability. You can gain more insight on this category by reading reviews and learn how others feel about each respective product.


To have an excellent lawn mower at an unreasonable price is counterintuitive and meaningless. When products are way overprices, it is irrelevant how high or low quality it is; what matters most is that the cost is not in line with the value. A fair price on a mower can be determined by comparing with what else is on the market. Find out the true market value of each product before purchasing. String trimmers are a good example to look at as their price-value ratio is often pretty excellent.


Best Zero Turn Mower Buying Guide

So, you’re ready to make a purchase, but you don’t know where to start. The stress is now looming over you. How can you decide which zero turn lawn mower is right for you? More importantly, how do you even begin to start this process? Well, it’s important to take things one at a time. The duress is usually far too overwhelming for most people to endure, so don’t try to spread yourself too thin when thinking this through.

Determine where the mower will be used primarily. You might think to yourself that a personal mower and a commercial zero turn mower are no different, but that is false. By reading zero turn lawn mower reviews, you’ll find out that they are very different. Because of this, it is important to avoid generalizing and lumping them in together. If you purchase a commercial vehicle and intend to use it on personal property you may regret it and vice versa.


To Conclude – Buying Zero Turn Mowers Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

The best advice I or anyone else can give you is to do your due diligence. It may be unlikely that you will make the wrong decision or that a mower will disappoint you, but the possibility remains. By doing your due diligence, you are able to weed out these possibilities and give yourself the best shot at being a satisfied customer at the end of the day. Preferably, you can check these products out in person and get some live testing going. If you are able to do this, you can speed up this process by a lot and give yourself an edge.

Try a few mowers out for yourself. Get a feel for what you like and don’t like when it comes to zero turn mowers. They are not the easiest vehicles to purchase – some may say even harder to purchase than cars! Regardless of how you feel about it, everyone can agree that a good research session can save you a lot of time and money in this industry. If your jobs will be taking place primarily in your home, consider buying a cordless lawn mower.