Best Electric Riding Lawn Mowers Of 2022 (Update)

If you are just like many other homeowners, you will surely want to pay attention to the lawn care to keep your home friendly. The thing about lawn care can be very prevalent with the neighbors’ livelihood. Ones would get distracted or annoyed easily when the lawn is interfering with their activities. Therefore, you might want to consider purchasing the best electric riding lawn mowers for your lawn care needs. You will want to figure out the best electric riding lawn mowers that are best for you. If it is your first, it might be too daunting for you to pick the right one because the choices are plenty at the market.

First things first, you shouldn’t start shopping with the wrong reason. Of course, people get the electric riding lawn mowers to care for their lawn. But you will need to be more specific since each house could have different needs. Consider to see the size of your yard first. Then you will be able to decide how powerful your lawn mowers should be. There are many different types of electric riding lawn mowers at the market. You must be able to come across the best one for you.

Some electric mowers come with the cords. If you have smaller lawn area, it shouldn’t be a problem for you. But if you have a larger yard, you might want to get the cordless electric riding lawn mowers. These mowers have built-in batteries to empower them to operate. The battery can last for a few hours before you charge it again. Most of the popular brands have such wonderful lawn mowers which can help you from top to bottom without any hassle.

Contrary to popular belief, choosing the right electric riding lawn mowers is not as hard as you think. We have compiled a list of the best electric lawn mowers that you can find on the market. With our list, you don’t have to waste your time and energy to research by yourself.


Best Electric Riding Lawn Mowers



1. Husqvarna YTA24v48

Husqvarna YTA24v48 is a great choice for those who want to handle larger area of lawn. The large garden could take a long time to finish. Therefore, you will need more powerful lawn mower to handle the routine lawn care tasks. This buddy has pedal which is easy to operate. It will be helpful for large area. How if you have a farm? Well, you can also rely on this companion. This model can cut the grass in the lawn at a quick rate with great quality. The best thing of all? You won’t need to lift your finger to get it done. All you need to do is just drive and direct your lawn mower to the targeted area, and this vehicle will do the charm by itself.

This pedal riding lawn mower really define what you really need nowadays. It has a load of features which will benefit you in every aspect. Besides pedal riding, the other key features are the chokeless start, electric clutch, as well as charge port. The sophisticated air induction tech in the tool is also a contributing factor to the good quality airflow. This makes the blade cut more consistent in each session.

Not to mention that this mower is a tough buddy in every environment. Even though you are working in the harsh weather, this tough guy will accompany you from the beginning to the end. The manufacturer of this product claimed that this will leave the grass all at the same level. As a closing paragraph, we’d like to indulge you with the three years warranty offered by the brand. So, you won’t need to worry when using this long time in the future. There won’t be any significant problem.


  • FAST auto transmission for a maintenance free operation
  • Features choke less start, charge port and electric clutch
  • Air Induction mowing technology improves airflow within the deck, ensuring a consistent cut every time
  • Convenient fender mounted deck lever is spring assisted for easy operation
  • 3 year limited, 5 year frame/chassis and front axle, 10 year cutting deck consumer warrant
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2. Craftsman T225 Riding Lawn Mower

The Craftsman T225 is a great choice for those who need such strong companion for the larger area. This model comes with powerful Briggs and Stratton gas engine which offers you such quick, efficient, and meticulous work. With the 46-inch cutting with the included Deck wash, it can help you to conduct certain challenging tasks such as cutting, trimming, clipping, and many more. Moreover, you can do this all in just one effective sweep. There is no need to get involved with the complicated method. You can just ride it and direct it to the area that you need to cut.

The powerful gas engine is powerful enough to cater to the larger yard tasks in one go. So, you will not need to recharge the battery or gasoline in order to proceed with your tasks. Many users are pretty stunned with its effective foot hydrostatic transmission. It is easy and straightforward to operate the owners. If you don’t have any experience before, you don’t need to worry. Read the manuals and you will be golden in minutes. With this buddy, you can also direct the mowers in reverse. You can easily take the mowers in reverse and steer it to clear the spots that you want to clear. The reverse mode is also easy to apply. In a second or two, you will be able to set it up.

The Craftsman manufacturer really did their job in researching what people really need. It comes with the supportive high-back seat which can provide optimum comfort for the operator. It can be a perfect choice for the upcoming season as well.


  • POWERFUL BRIGGS AND STRATTON GAS ENGINE WITH READY START: Powerful gas engine suitable for larger yard jobs while ready start technology provides a quick, efficient start.
  • 46-INCH CUTTING WITH INCLUDED DECK WASH: Lawn tractor comes equipped with wide 46-Inch cutting deck for cutting, trimming, and clipping grass in one quick sweep. Included deck wash saves time when underside cleaning.
  • HYDRO-TRANSMISSION: Unit is equipped with foot hydrostatic transmission.
  • MOW-IN-REVERSE: Take your mower in reverse to easily maneuver in and out of trouble spots.
  • SUPPORTIVE HIGH-BACK SEAT: High-back cushioned seat provides optimum comfort.
  • DURABLE TURF SAVER WHEELS: 15-Inch front wheels and 20-Inch rear wheels for better clearance and easy, long-lasting maneuvering around your yard.
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3. Troy-Bilt 540cc Briggs & Stratton

It is the true lawn mower that you need to pick if you are going to handle the larger area of lawns. This lawn tractor comes with the fantastic Briggs and Stratton Intek Engine and A/T transmission to ensure the effectivity and comprehensiveness of the moaning operation. The good thing here is that you can just simply hit the foot pedal to operate the lawnmower.

As we know, many people have been complaining about such never ending lawn area. But it will be an easy task for this powerful mower. The automatic transmission of the mower will also give you ample benefits in mowing the lawn without any significant effort. Not to mention that you can easily get in and out the mower, thanks to the Step Thru Frame. This feature is not common in any other mowers products from other brands.

You will only see such ergonomic design of the mower which eases you with the mowing operation from the beginning to the end. the soft-touch steering wheel provides such comfort. There’s a reason why we translated it as a powerful mower. Not only about its frames, but we would also like to give a thumb up at the durable wheels which provide you the great maneuverability and durability. This powerful buddy is indeed a great choice for you if you have such homework in mowing large areas. The soft touch steering and comfortable mid-back seat can make your experience more wonderful. The brand also provides 2 years warranty. When you are adapting with the vehicle, you will have peace of mind since you have two years protection from the manufacturer. It is a win-win solution.


  • Powered by a reliable 19 HP/540cc Briggs & Stratton Intek engine and a Foot-Pedal automatic transmission
  • Featuring power and operator comfort, this automatic mower is ideal for mowing large areas
  • Soft touch steering and a mid-back seat for ultimate comfort
  • Equipped with a large 46-inch side discharge mowing deck and Mow-In-Reverse capabilities
  • Backed by a 2-year limited warranty
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4. Snapper 2911525 BVE Classic RER

RER means Rear Engine Riding. For those who have figured out the perks of the RER tech, you will love this lawnmower. Many people who have used this buddy before have slated this as Swiss Army Knives of the mowers. You can imagine how badass it can be. First things first, let’s talk about its engine. It comes with Intek Engine, which we have known as one of the best engines for lawn mowers in the market. You will see the significant differences in the results when compared it with the other mowers in the market. Intek Engine provides the vehicle with the OHV reliability and durability. That explains why it is going to last longer in the future.

Then there is a ReadyStart Technology which eases you in starting the engine. There is no need to choke the engine at all. You just need to turn the key, then you are good to go. The vertical stand-on-edge feature of the riding mower makes it a great option for those who have limited storage space. The unique feature also come with the easiness in maintaining and caring. It does not bring any hardship when you are cleaning the cutting deck after using the mower. The disc drive transmission has such simple designs which are strong and sturdy.

Despite the toughness of the vehicle, you can control this RER mower without any hassle or fuss. Thanks to its ergonomic controls, it is easy and straightforward to operate it. If there’s a large area to cover, you will not feel exhausted when using this mower to handle the tasks.


  • 11.5 hp Briggs & Stratton Power Built 4-Cycle OHV Engine
  • Vertical Stand-on-Edge Capability
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5. Troy-Bilt Pony 42X

Troy-Bilt Pony 42X comes with the 42-inch Deck which is powerful enough to handle the large area of the lawn. Whether you have a big lawn, or farm, you will make this as your best companion in your activity. It has 7 speed transmission which you can leverage to handle the performances of the lawnmower. It has smooth operator-controlled transitions from forward to reverse. That means you will no longer see any clutches or shifting between the speed ranges, making your routine tasks more comfortable and smoother.

We’d like to give a thumbs up to the reverse system of this mower. The fully operator-controlled mower has such quality reverse feature which can cut your job short. There is no need to make a U-turn to handle the rest of the area. You just need to switch the reverse button. Besides eliminating the repetitions, it will also speed up your process.

The next feature that we’d like to highlight is the operator-controlled mow in the reverse capability which can cut your job duration shorter. Then there is an integrated deck wash system which comes with an irreplaceable perk. It is easy to clean up and maintain the device so that you can still focus on your lawn mowing aring and maintenance.

The high-back seat is ergonomic and comfortable so that you can operate the mower for a long time without being exhausted. The manufacturer designs it so that it can cater to the larger residential lawns and fields. It is a wonderful choice for commercial purposes. The great cut is indeed guaranteed. The mower can cut your lawn evenly without having a torque problem. It also has good turn radius so that it can cope up with your maneuvers.


  • Premium 420cc Troy Bilt OHV engine with oil filter
  • 7 speed transmission
  • 42 inch steel deck with dual blades
  • Mulch and side discharge
  • Steel front axle, comfortable mid back seat, OCR mow in reverse
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6. Husqvarna YTH18542

The Husqvarna manufacturer comes with the great solution for the larger lawn area. The features and capabilities of this mower has impressed people in both residential and commercial community. Whether you are running a business, or wanting to have one for your home properties, this buddy is a great option for you.

The users who have been using this model stated that they managed to achieve such professional-level results. That means you can achieve such great results without wasting your money to hire professional service. This riding mower is worth your investment in every penny since you can use it for many years in the future and won’t need to spend some dimes anymore.

The mower is compact, flexible, and sturdy. When operating the model, it is easy to maneuver. And you can store it in the corner of your garage after done. it has pretty much compact size so that it won’t waste the space to store in your property. Yielding such professional result, there will be less chores you need to worry because the mower can handle the hardships for you. The Briggs & Stratton engine is the key behind the versatility of the mower. It comes with such machine fuel efficiency, which can save your gas when operating it. You will be using less volume of gas for such a large area of coverage. This model is a perfect option to handle the mid-sized to large-sized lawn.

The other thing which we could give the thumbs up is the machine’s cruise control. This handy feature allows you to mow over uneven terrain and you will still get even cuts. Whether you are dealing with small hills, inclines, or any other type of obstacles, you can rest assured that it won’t be a problem anymore.


  • 18.5 hp Briggs and Stratton Intek engine offers powerful performance
  • Foot pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission allows you to change speed and direction, which lets you keep both hands on the steering wheel for optimum driving control
  • Tight 16 in. turning radius allows you to mow in tighter spaces and navigate around obstacles Adjustable 13 in. mid-back seat, ergonomic steering wheel and easy step-through design provide comfort and easy operation
  • 42 in. reinforced cutting deck with air induction mowing technology and dual anti-scalp wheels
  • Reverse operating system allows the operator to mow in reverse with a simple turn of a switch
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7. Husqvarna YTH24V48

If you are looking for good quality garden or farm tractors, then this Yard tractor from Husqvarna is indeed a great choice. The 48-inch is ready to operate to support you to conduct the tasks in professional levels. It is not exactly the most affordable lawn mower that you can find in the market, but it indeed offers the value that is worth the money. If you have such budget, you will have no regrets to invest your money on it.

It has such superb sized cutting deck with comfortable seating. The design of the tractor is ergonomic so that you can easily operate it without feeling exhausted. You will have no problems when cutting the grass. Whether your grass is dry or wet, it will be easier to handle your routine tasks. You won’t need to worry when you are dealing with the wetter seasons since this buddy will handle all of the things for you. While some commoners are struggling to cut the grass during the wetter seasons, it won’t be a problem for this buddy.

It is a great performer in the market. With the comfortable seat and armrests, you will be able to finish your assignment in one go. If you have large plot of grass, you will want something effective and quick to handle them. This model can conduct the multiple jobs on a daily basis.

There’s A key behind its effectiveness: the Briggs & Stratton V-twin engine. The compact mower has such wide cutting deck and durable V-twin engine. What does it mean? You won’t feel bumpy when riding this buddy out there. No one will regret to have this.


  • 24 hp Briggs and Stratton Intek V-Twin engine features ReadyStart for easy starting and powerful performance
  • Foot pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission allows you to change speed and direction, which lets you keep both hands on the steering wheel for optimum driving control
  • Cruise control allows the tractor to maintain consistent speed in rough terrain
  • Electric cutting deck engagement allows the operator to turn on the mower deck with the pull of a switch on the control panel Tight 16 in. turning radius allows you to mow in tighter spaces and navigate around obstacles
  • 48 in. triple blade, reinforced cutting deck with air induction mowing technology and 4 anti-scalp wheels
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8. Husqvarna LTH1738

It is a compact riding lawn mower which is designed to handle small to mid sized yards. Don’t get it wrong. Although it has smaller size of body, it is so powerful so that you can cut to the chase and finish your homework in quicker rate than before. This buddy is able to handle the tight turns and steep inclines without struggling.

The powerful engine is the key to the stability and its immersive power. Not to mention that the model is supported by the hydrostatic transmission which make your ride is not so bumpy.  There will be smoother ride that you can enjoy from this model.

Although it is designed for handling smaller yards, you can also use this for larger area. The compact design makes your daily tasks much easier. You can store the model everywhere at your home. Gone are the days when the day was the only good time to mow your lawn. Now you can do it in the evening or at night to avoid the heat of sunlight. With the headlights, it will become more possible to finish your tasks. It also comes with the safety shut off which will protect you and your surroundings from harm. Not to mention the reverse cutting can easily assist you to finish the lawn work effectively.

The manufacturer claimed that this mower could handle from one to one and a half acres. The smaller cutting path requires you to make the passes. Presuming that there are many obstacles in your yard, this mower can handle all of the obstacles in your yard. With its compact design, it will be easier to ride and maneuver with it.


  • Reinforced cutting deck delivers superior durability, season after season
  • Pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission improves performance and control
  • Air induction mowing technology lifts grass for a precise cut
  • Ergonomic steering wheel ensures consistent handling
  • Optional add-on attachments provide versatility
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9. Ryobi RY48110

This 38 inch REAR lawn mower uses electricity as the main power. In the full charge of battery, you can operate this for up to two hours of runtime or 2 acres of mowing which is pretty a great deal. This modern model really defines what is needed by the modern users. With its straightforward design, you will not need to have such complex procedure in maintaining it. There is no belts, plugs, or filters that you should worry just like you maintain the conventional mowers.

With this vehicle, you can cut down the lawn without any hassle. Thanks to its sophisticated electric power, it makes a great alternative for gas riding mowers. The mower itself comes with equipped 38 inch Blade Deck and Manual Deck adjustment.

The users of this device claimed that they’re able to get the clean cut in no time, without having to redo their jobs. Imagine how much time you can save with the help of this buddy. The Dual High Power brushless motors can take the job in quicker rate and more effectiveness. The cordless electric lawn mower will help you out with its best performance.


  • Battery Operated: fully electric and 0 emissions
  • 3 Brushless motors for superior power and performance
  • Up to 2 hours of runtime or 2 acres of mowing
  • Low maintenance: no belts, spark plugs, or filters
  • Battery Operated: fully electric and 0 emissions
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10. Ariens 915223 IKON-X

As we know, choosing the lawn mower is a bit tricky if you only have certain limited space. But it is no longer a problem for you anymore since the IKON-X from Ariens will make it easier for you. The compact dimension of this lower allow you to store it when not in use in any corner of your room.

Don’t get the size wrong though. Despite the compactness, it has enough power to handle medium to large yards without having to struggle. Equipped with the 23hp engine, it makes the lawningg process much faster than other conventional mowers in the market. This model is popular because of its wonderful cutting speed and performance. It is ready to help you to handle different types of cutting jobs from the easiest ones to the more challenging one. How about your farm, or your golf course? Let IKON-X handles them all for you. Its significant power is hard to resist. If you are taking your house chores seriously, this model can make a great choice for you.


  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, and may arrive in a generic box
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The Verdict: Choosing A Riding Lawn Mower

Although electric riding lawn mowers and zero turn mowers may seem similar in nature, they are in fact quite different. Zero turn mowers are typically viewed as the more professional vehicle used in commercial setting, although they can commonly be found on residential properties as well. It is really a multi-faceted type of vehicle that nobody can go wrong buying. Where riding lawn mowers differ is in their mobility; one will not be able to seamlessly turn while staying in the same position as they would be able to with a 0 turn mower. Because of this, riding lawn mowers can sometimes be seen as less practical in certain situations.

Although both have their pros and cons, the fact remains that these types of vehicles are far, far superior to traditional push or self propelled lawn mowers. You can cut twice as much grass in half the time, without actually needing to physically move around a large yard. Though they might not quite be the best thing since sliced bread, drivable mowers have made a huge difference in the lives of many.