Determining Which Mower Suits Your Needs


A few years ago, there would have been no discussion because there were so few products on the market. If you needed your grass or weeds cut, you used a traditional push mower or you paid someone to use one. Now, things are different. With the arrival of zero turn mowers, cordless options, and string trimmers (along with robotic mowers), you have a lot of options to choose from. This poses another issue however; now you have to do something you otherwise would not have had to do. You must actually sit down and analyze which mower suits you best.


Understanding their strengths & weaknesses

To lay the foundation, it’s pretty important that you actually understand which mower has what strengths. For example, something like the Poulan Pro zero turn mower would be an excellent choice for flat farmlands and many acres of grass, but would be pretty horrible in a small, tight, and uneven backyard. A cordless mower like the Twin Force would excel in this very same environment.

Zero Turn Mower Strengths

  • Best used for large and flat areas
  • Makes mowing a lot easier on the user
  • Sufficient gas storage for long use
  • Wide variety of selections to choose from

Zero Turn Mower Weaknesses

  • Not great in small or bumpy spaces
  • Consumes a lot of energy
  • Cannot be automated
  • Sometimes considered more dangerous

As you can see, a zero turn mower can be quite excellent in the right hands. It is probably not recommended for the average person living in a suburban neighbourhood because they offer far more than this person would probably need. Unless you have an enormous yard, you can consider another type of mower.


Cordless Mower Strengths

  • Much easier to handle than push mowers
  • No need for fuel
  • Often easier to clean

Cordless Mower Weaknesses

  • In general, more possibility of failure
  • Can be more expensive to repair
  • Shorter period of “life” using battery versus fuel

This is a comparison that does not really feel like it should even be had to us. While cordless mowers do have a few downsides here and there, the pros far outweigh the cons. As technology advances, these cordless mowers will become more and more effective while the number of overall faults slowly but surely decreases over time.


Robotic Mower Strengths

  • Almost completely automated
  • Saves time and money
  • No need for fuel

Robotic Mower Weaknesses

  • Can be very expensive to repair
  • Often take long periods of time to finish the job
  • Shorter period of “life” using battery versus fuel

Robotic mowers are my favorite, especially those made by Husqvarna. Eventually, I believe that most people in America will be using robotic mowers as they present a totally unique convenience factor that we see nowhere else in the industry.



All mowers work differently in different scenarios. Some better for large yards (ATV mowers), while others are recommended for smaller lawns. For most, the decision will be quite clear and simple. For the few of you who have a difficult decision to make, we recommend checking out our reviews. Find out which mowers are best suited for you and your family.