Poulan Pro P46ZX V-Twin Pro Revew

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The Poulan Pro P46ZX is unlike most other zero turn mowers we’ve seen. It is discussed quite frequently in the community as being a quirky yet extremely effective lawn mower. Essentially, it is very similar to this Husqvarna model. However, there are a key few differences. They both handle quite tremendously, and the Poulan’s 22 HP engine is not much weaker than the 23 HP engine of the Husqvarna. This lawn mower lacks in versatility and efficiency in comparison to that particular model. Does that make it a bad mower? Absolutely not – in fact it remains one of the best zero turn mowers of 2018 despite its flaws.



The performance of this vehicle is good, and certainly sufficient. It is not a weak product by any means, and you shouldn’t have too many problems with in in terms of speed & strength. The engine is quite strong given the weight of the mower and it makes for a pretty smooth ride. There have been few chirps and complaints about the belt by previous customers. Some have not been able to keep it on the vehicle. In general, this is something that does not happen very often and it’s not something you should worry about.


Maneuverability & Mobility

Mobility is where this lawn mower really shines just like this Ariens. Apart from a few minor drawbacks, it handles just as well as any other mower out there. It has been noted that the Poulan does not excel on hills. From our testing, this has shown to be quite accurate. I would not recommend using the vehicle on any hills or slopes as the handling is seriously capped. It excels in medium to large sized properties, though you can surely make it work on smaller lawns as well. The zero-turning ability is smooth and painless, which should be a standard for every zero turn mower. Overall, this might be the biggest strength of the mower.



Poulan’s P46ZX mower is very comfortable – almost as comfortable as the Ariens IKON. Not only does it have extra padding to support your lower back and spine, but it also has materials that are gentle on skin. Many people often mow their lawns shirtless and bare skin on certain materials can cause irritation. This is not a problem with the vehicle and comfortability is something we can’t complain about. Many uncomfortable lawn mowers exist so we are grateful when we get the chance to get one that is unlike the others.



Poulan’s Pro lawn mower has held up very well over the course of the last year. It has been kept indoors and always covered, as it should be. We did not experience any issues with the belt whatsoever and we can’t speak on that issue as it was not present for us. This is a very important element on our list and we would not recommend this zero turn mower if it was not durable. From my experience, it is definitely a durable product but maybe not quite as durable as a MZ61. You might say it’s on par with this lawn mower.


To Conclude

Is the Poulan Pro P46ZX the second best zero turn mower of the year? Maybe, maybe not. The answer to that question is subjective and we may never know definitively as there are many mowers on the market. You cannot go wrong with most mowers made by Poulan as their attention to detail is second to none. This model is a very well balanced zero turn mower and it makes our list of best zero turn lawn mowers of the year. A comparable zero turn mower would be the Husqvarna Kohler.