Ariens Zoom 34 Kohler Lawn Mower Review

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The last addition to our list of the greatest zero turn mowers of the year is this Ariens Zoom 34. Essentially, it is the worst of the best. This means that even though we found quite a few better choices, it’s still a fairly decent option. 19 horsepower may seem like a small number when looking at the likes of the MZ61, but this is a very small mower. A low horsepower is not relevant or of any importance when the vehicle is so small and lightweight. If you’re going to skip past this product, it shouldn’t be because of the seemingly low horsepower.



Generally speaking, this model is pretty similar to the other Ariens Zoom we had in our reviews. Lightweight and small – the Ariens Zoom series is best suited for residential areas. Theoretically you could try and mow a commercial lawn using it, but it wouldn’t be recommended. This is because there are options which are far more efficient and powerful, such as the Poulan Pro. It is more of a casual, laid back zero turn mower. Sure it gets the job done, but wouldn’t you rather have a 27 HP large mower for bigger projects?


Maneuverability & Mobility

Just like the Zoom 42, this Zoom 34 is plenty mobile and sharp. Quick turns and accurate handling are no issue for the vehicle, and that is likely its biggest strength. However, we all know that maneuverability is not everything when it comes to zero turn mowers. There are many more factors to weigh in that are just as (if not more) important than this one. Still, it is a very nice addition to the mower. We certainly enjoyed driving the Ariens Zoom.



Again, we have to mention that the Ariens Zoom 34 is a pretty minuscule vehicle. It certainly is not as big as a Husqvarna Z246. If you want to get technical, it’s not even close. For smaller individuals, you probably won’t have any issues with the level of comfort of the Ariens Zoom 34. As with many other elements of this particular riding lawn mower, it’s not the best but neither the worst. It is right in the middle.



The mower seems to hold up well. Externally, this zero turn mower has held up exceptionally! We haven’t faced any internal issues, though it’s probably more likely to face internal problems rather than external ones. This is only because of the lightweight frame making the product pretty difficult to damage.


To Conclude

So, this is the worst zero turn mower of 2018’s top ten best zero turn mowers. That is a pretty rewarding feat and it just shows that there is such a wide variety of choices to choose from this year. Even the worst riding lawn mower to choose online would probably be the best in your local store. Do not go for this product if you need a commercial zero turn mower. Do consider it if you’re a smaller individual and/or you need a zero turn lawn mower for a residential or small piece of land.