Ariens Zoom 42 19 HP Mower Review

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Ariens is one of the most popular manufacturers of zero turn mowers. Their products aren’t known as the very best though they’re always in the discussion. Many are looking for commercial zero turn mowers but these would not be the best in such a scenario. They are a little bit smaller and weaker making the vehicles ideal for smaller properties. Can it be done? Possibly, but there are far better options to go with. Just because you can use a shovel to eat ice cream doesn’t mean it is the optimal tool to use!



This is a rather weak zero turn mower relatively speaking. We say this because while some mowers such as the MZ61┬áhave horsepower as high as 27, this Ariens only has 19 HP. Sure, you could say that this mower is much lighter in weight and smaller in terms of size, and that’s a fair argument. However, there’s no denying that this is a drop in power. It is not as powerful and intimidating when compared to many other lawn mowers. The performance level of the Ariens 42 is not the most prominent feature of the lawn mower, and that’s for sure. There are positive sides to it, but this is not one of them.


Maneuverability & Mobility

The positive side to the smaller frame of the vehicle is that it is tremendously mobile. By far, this is one of the most mobile zero turn mowers we’ve ever used. It’s one of the lawn mowers that is ridiculously easy to use and that makes it a great product. It has one big glaring weakness, but apart from that it is actually a pretty nice product. If you just need a lawn mower for your small backyard, then this might just be the perfect product for you. It’s lightweight, decently quick when turning, and efficient.



the level of comfort you will experience when driving this vehicle will depend on a big factor. It probably isn’t as comfortable as big brother is. Since it is not the biggest mower, it can be quite uncomfortable for larger individuals. There is no set height or weight limit, but it is probably best suited for average-sized people or smaller. If you do fit into this category, you will find that it is actually a decently comfortable lawn mower! The padding is just right and it is not a rough ride by any means. For larger people, the Troy-Bilt is plenty comfortable.



This is a fresh addition to our collection, so we are unable to speak to its level of durability at the moment. Best case scenario, it turns out to be very durable like the Poulan Pro or the Z246. Worst case scenario is that it turns out to be a piece of glass. From reading reviews we gather and assume that this should be a fairly durable and reliable product.


To Conclude

Ariens has made decent products in the past. We decided to give their Zoom 42 a chance and we’re pretty glad we did review it. As it turns out, this Ariens Zoom 42 is one of the better zero turn mowers for smaller properties. If you barely have any space to mow it does not make much sense to purchase something hefty like a Husqvarna MZ61. Go with something portable, quick, and efficient like this! It’s the closest thing you can get to cordless mowing while still being in a zero turn mower.