Self Propelled Or Traditional?


You’re likely already aware that most typical lawn mowers come in two forms – self propelled and manual/push lawn mowers. The difference is pretty self explanatory; push mowers are physically pushed by the user in order to move forward and backwards whilst self propelled mowers are well, self propelled. For most people, the decision is pretty obvious but unfortunately, it’s not always that easy. With a push mower, you’ll typically have fewer issues to deal with and if you do face issues, they often won’t be as expensive to resolve as they would be with an electric or self propelled mower.


The Kicker

If you’ve ever had any experience with cordless mowers, zero turn mowers, or robotic mowers by Husqvarna, you know that they differ immensely. The big factor that will essentially help you make a final decision is the question you will have to ask yourself. What purpose will the device serve you with? If you need to mow your lawn while saving both time and money, then obviously you should consider a robot mower.

If you need a a lawn mower that you can actually use yourself but you have multiple acres of flat lands to cover, then a zero turn mower is probably your best bet. Those who have relatively modest sized lawns but need to take a lot of turns and cuts will benefit most by getting a cordless lawn mower. Really, the list can go on and on when describing which products are best suited for which audience. Read our mower reviews to gain more insight into the details of each mower.


When You’re Stuck

There will be a few people who will be at a crossroads. Some individuals will need both an easy-to-use mower but also one that cordless so that you can reach hidden areas of your yard. These people will either have to choose between cordless and self propelled, or perhaps get a lawn mower that is both cordless and self propelled. Thankfully, such options are readily available for purchase. When you’re stuck and can’t make a decision, you have to do a bit of extra research.


Bottom Line

We can’t say for sure, but we’re willing to bet that the majority of our readers would prefer to opt for a cordless and/or self propelled lawn mower as opposed to a traditional one. These mowers get more and more popular each year and this just goes to show what the current trend is in this industry. Lawn mowers used to be simple, but now things are changing. Mowing is becoming easier, faster, and more efficient!