Troy-Bilt Mustang Fit 34 Riding Mower Review

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Troy-Bilt’s Mustand lawn mower has flow under the radar for a while. The numbers for this vehicle haven’t been great; since they don’t advertise it as a residential or commercial product, consumers have been confused on the exact strength. Is it a good lawn mower for a house? How about a farm? Troy-Bilt doesn’t specify and that makes purchasing this product a tough decision to make. After an intense few weeks of using it, we’ve come to the realization that it is better for larger areas. In certain circumstances, you’d be able to use it on a residential property as well.



Again, the manufacturer has not really specified much about their zero turn mower here. We don’t really even know the exact figure in terms of horsepower. What we do know though is that the vehicle has a powerful 452cc engine. When comparing it to other mowers, we see that it isn’t the strongest. The MZ61 for example is far stronger and more efficient than the Troy-Bilt. The same can be said for the Poulan Pro. after playing around with it for a bit, I realized that it is a fairly average lawn mower. It does get the job done on large fields, but it certainly wouldn’t be my first choice.


Maneuverability & Mobility

From my experience with the mower, it isn’t the most mobile lawn mower. Certainly, it is not comparable to cordless lawn mowers This is especially true considering that it’s a large, commercial-style lawn mower. Products like the Ariens for example are far more mobile and better suited for many situations. Don’t get me wrong, it turns and handles decently. It’s just that the ride hasn’t been so smooth and turns/cuts don’t feel as effortless as they should. All in all, the maneuverability is fair. You shouldn’t have too many issues regarding the mobility but when you’re picky like me, you may notice.



Troy-Bilt built a very comfortable zero turn mower. I’ve been on many, and the truth is that few are as comfortable as this zero turn mower. Perhaps the IKON is the only mower better. My back was supported thoroughly and I have no complaints in regards to the comfort of my ride – it could’ve went on for hours. Perhaps there weren’t too many notable strengths with the product in terms of performance, but it is extremely comfortable and that’s a great sign.



Like the Z246, we kept this lawn mower quite sheltered and protected. So far, there have been no major issues with this unit. At this point, it’s too early for us to determine whether or not it is actually a durable vehicle, but it sure looks like it. There’s no doubt that this element is a huge component of picking the right product. You can feel comfortable knowing that Troy-Bilt’s lawn mower was made to last.


To Conclude

Look, there’s no denying that there are better options to go with. If you’ve read our list of best zero turn mowers, you’ll see we have this placed on our list. If I could not choose the products listed above it, I would choose this mower. It is very comfortable, has decent handling and power, and has proven to be quite durable. The best way I could describe the lawn mower would be middle of the pack – not the best, but not the worst.