Toucan City LED Lawn Mower Review

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I’ll be honest – I wasn’t looking forward to reviewing the Toucan City. I have never reviewed a product by this company, and I didn’t think that would change. However, after being recommended this particular model, I decided to give it a shot. After getting some time in with it, I realized that I was missing out by ignoring this company! Well, I was missing out by not having reviewed this product – I cannot speak to the other products by Toucan City. It still isn’t a Z246 so it shouldn’t be compared to one, though they do have some impressive traits.



The level of performance on the Toucan City LED lawn mower is decent. Some mowers like the Husqvarna MZ61 and Kohler are clearly ahead of this model in terms of raw power. However, it is only 1 HP unit shorter than the best zero turn mower of the year! At 22 HP and a max speed of 7 miles per hour, you can do quite a bit of work efficiently with it. Maybe not the strongest, but closer to strong than to weak. This has propelled the vehicle to be listed as one of the best mowers of the year. Do not underestimate this product.


Maneuverability & Mobility

Technically, this is classified as a large(r) zero turn mower. Once you get the chance to see it in person, you realize it isn’t all that big. It’s significantly smaller than something like the Poulan Pro, which is also considered to be a large zero turn mower. You could say its almost a hybrid zero turn mower. Not the biggest and definitely not the smallest. While it remains a pretty mobile lawn mower, I still wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for residential areas. If the lawn is mostly flat and evenly laid out, you could probably make it work. If you have a lawn with rocky terrain and/or hills, you’re probably better off using something like the Ariens Zoom. Read our reviews to find out which mowers are best for what.



To our surprise, the lawn mower was pretty comfortable. The armrests are a nice touch that others often forget to add. Similarly to the Ariens IKON-X mower, armrests and extra padding for the back made the ride all the more comfortable and smooth. We all know though that comfort isn’t everything with zero turn mowers. All of the others factors together are far more important than this single element. You may value it more or you may value it less, but it can’t be the sole ingredient.



Unfortunately, this lawn mower was not very durable for us. The first 4 months went as smoothly as you’d expect and we had no problems. One day, something got jammed and the blades wouldn’t turn as they were meant to. We took it in to have it looked at and eventually paid a substantial amount to have it fixed. Does this mean the case will be the same with every model? Absolutely not. It very easily could have been an issue just with our particular product. Some may be willing to take the risk, others might not.


To Conclude

If you are not able to choose any of the other 7 mowers placed before this one (unlikely), then you can go ahead and get this one. Despite us having a minor setback with our model, we were generally pretty pleased with it. The power was fair, comfort was outstanding, and it handled decently. Normally, this would be a home run within one of our reviews. Because of our issue with the durability, we had to drop it off a bit.