How Often Is Mowing Required?

People often wonder how often they should be mowing their lawn. Is it every 2 weeks? Whenever the grass gets too long? Is it the same interval each time? The truth is that it isn’t as complicated as it seems. It isn’t a question of how often you should mow your lawn; rather it is a matter of how long the grass is. If you have a healthy lawn, you can expect your grass grow quite quickly and successfully. At its maximum rate of growth, you should probably mow every 2 weeks or less. A good rule of thumb is to mow as often as possible for maintenance (not to mention having less stress on your mowing device).


Letting your grass grow too long makes it more difficult to trim, puts more unneeded stress on the vehicle, and is also not deemed as healthy for your lawn. There is a rule that says to “never cut more than 1/3 the length of your grass”. Obviously, if you let your grass get too long you’ll be trimming off much more than 33% of its length, and this is quite bad for grass. The more frequently you do it, the better your lawn will look and the healthier your grass will be.


Letting your grass grow longer isn’t the end of the world though, because you’re also giving your grass a longer period of time to stabilize its roots. This is especially good for younger grass which has a fickle lifespan and needs to be cemented in the lawn. Some recommend weekly mowing while others say bi-weekly is the way to go – what interval you decide to go with will vary depending on how you want your lawn to look and what grass height is most appealing to you.