Husqvarna 967271701 Kawaski Mower Review

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We’ve reviewed a decent chunk of zero turn mowers made by Husqvarna. Unfortunately, this one isn’t quite as good as the others we’ve seen. In general, riding this lawn mower feels significantly clunkier than many other models like the Poulan and MZ61. Despite the weaknesses, you can still make the argument that the vehicle is decent enough to be on the top 10 list. Husqvarna has never disappointed, at least when it came to home and gardening products. These mowers are built to last and get the job done extremely effectively.



The strongest asset of the zero turn mower is the level of performance. Few companies can be so consistent in one category over and over again. 23 horsepower is provided with the product, which is more than theĀ Husqvarna 2Z46, the #1 mower of the year. This shows that power and strength are not an issue with this particular model; you’ll definitely have the performance. Certain situations like rocky hills may diminish the level of performance. You may not reach top speeds using this vehicle in rough environments.


Maneuverability & Mobility

Don’t get too excited about the mobility level of the lawn mower. You won’t be handling the vehicle like a sports car. Turns are slow and awkward unlike a Ariens Zoom. Perhaps this is not a major issue if you are going to be driving straight for the most part. I would advise customers to use the zero turn mower for commercial purposes rather than for residential areas. You can obviously use it, though we feel that there are options which are more practical. They can do the job more efficiently and in a shorter period of time.



Generally, the Kawasaki mower is quite comfortable. It is well-padded but the lack of armrests is certainly noticeable and makes it a weaker choice. If you’ve ever owned or driven in a zero turn mower that does have armrests, you’ll notice the empty space right away. It is difficult to go from having something to not having it, and you feel it if you use this zero turn mower. The product is a good choice for those are not bothered by these facts.



After the performance, the durability is likely the strongest part of the Kawaski. It’s been well-kept and covered for most of the year, just like the Troy-Bilt mower. Despite this fact, we’d figure that the product would do just fine outdoors as well. Our model has taken a couple of hits and has stood the test of time. For now, it doesn’t look like we’ll be needing to repair the mower anytime soon. It was built to last.


To Conclude

You can’t say that the product is the best zero turn mower, or even in the discussion. Regardless, you’ve got to give the vehicle the respect it deserves. If you were unable to choose any of the other options we suggest, then you can safely go with the Kawasaki. It is a fairly decent mower that does what its supposed to do.