Greenworks Pro 80V Cordless Mower Review

The other Greenworks lawn mower we had on our list was the Greenworks Pro 80V cordless lawn mower. Just like with the Greenworks Twin Force mower, this model is also very versatile. It has many strengths and can be considered a jack of all trades in many respects. In fact, the mower is so strong that many would consider it to be among the very best. The reason we were hesitant to do such a thing was that this product has not shown to be very durable. Of what purpose is it to have a great lawn mower when it does not hold up well over time?



Just like we mentioned, this cordless mower can keep up with the best of them. We found that it actually might have the strongest mowing capabilities of all the products we reviewed. Even the toughest, meanest grass in the world can’t put up a fight with the Greenworks Pro 80V mower. We’ve all known for a while now that Greenworks makes the best lawn mowers, at least when it comes to performance and how powerful they are.


Maneuverability & Mobility

The performance handling of the Greenworks Pro is excellent and a wonderful thing to experience. Some might even propose that it is on the level of an Ariens Zoom 34 or Ariens Zoom 42. Yes, these are zero turn mowers but aspects such as maneuverability and power can be compared across the board amongst all types of lawn mowers.



Durability is the true achilles heel of the product. All around, it excels in pretty much every category you can think of. But when it comes to durability and holding up over long periods of time, this is not the best lawn mower. We had problems with starting the mower and in regards to battery life a few months in. Does this mean that you’ll face the same issues? Probably not, but it is important for us to be honest about our experiences with the lawn mower. We had problems, and this is a problem for us when reviewing products.


To Conclude 

When you compare this lawn mower to the likes of the Snapper, Black Decker, or the EGO, it is pretty much on the same level or better than them. However, these mowers have held up better than the Greenworks Pro which to us has elevated them before it. As far as we know though, its problems could very well have been solved over time. By reading reviews, we can tell that there are very many satisfied customers so overall, we recommend the mower as it is great all around. If the durability issue is rare, it may be the best cordless mower.