Ariens IKON-X 52 Lawn Mower Review

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The IKON-X 52 by Ariens is essentially the big brother of the Ariens Zoom 42 we reviewed here. That particular mower stood out to us because of its tight handling and lightweight mobility. The problem I came across with that mower was that it was not great for larger areas, and this IKON supposedly solves that problem. After intensely reviewing the product, we’ve found that it certainly has a case for being one of the better zero turn mowers of the year.



Arien’s IKON lawn mower rocks a 22 horsepower engine. This is one point lower than the Husqvarna Z246 which was listed as our #1 option to buy this year. This shows us that in terms of performance, it’s actually pretty good. The gripe we had with the Zoom 42 was the fact that it was pretty small and weak. 19 HP just isn’t enough and you need more when mowing lawns in 2018. Luckily for us, their newer, stronger model can do much more. Certainly this lawn mower deserves more love than it has gotten. You can use it on residential properties as you would with a cordless mower, but this vehicle will have no issues on large commercials areas either.


Maneuverability & Mobility

Since we’ve learned that Ariens makes mobile lawn mowers, I couldn’t wait to try this model out. To my surprise, the mower was ridiculously mobile – and this is a large vehicle we’re talking about! You could say this is a slightly weaker MZ61 mower that handles even better. Up hills, down hills, or on choppy grounds – you can do it all with the Ariens IKON. The more we think about our decision, we start to realize that even we may have underestimated this lawn mower. It has performed tremendously in every category.



The mower is even comfortable – what more would you want in a lawn mower? The IKON-X has extra padding for back support and even has armrests. This is something new to us as most zero turn mowers do not include luxuries such as this. The big debate of which mower is most comfortable is between this model and the Poulan Pro at the moment. It looks like the Ariens is winning the race and by quite a large margin. It cannot be compared to something such as the Troy-Bilt; these mowers are in entirely different leagues. If we were to make a list, this vehicle would definitely be the #1 choice for most comfortable zero turn mowers. Seriously, this is like a movie theater chair.



The durability level of this mower is decent in our experience. It hasn’t faced any major issues and we did not spend much over the past year. This particular mower has even taken a few tumbles and hits in one of our choppy fields and even then it has held up excellently! Not many lawn mowers can say they’ve survived such levels of duress.


To Conclude – Ariens IKON-X 52 Review

We may have underestimated the IKON from the very start. It is perhaps in the same league as the Husqvarna MZ61, and that’s saying a lot. Power, mobility, speed, and comfortability are all strengths of the product making it a tremendous choice! There are few zero turn lawn mowers that we can definitively place above the Ariens IKON-X and that is truly a special feat. You cannot go wrong with choosing this lawn mower and we highly recommend this product.